Court of Conscience (Autumn 2014)

The UK’s symphonic rock act ‘Winter in Eden’ has now confirmed that their third full length studio album entitled ‘Court of Conscience’, will be available worldwide from 6 October 2014. Presently, it is only available to purchase directly from this website or at their live shows as a pre-release special, but their record label, Firestreak Media has teamed up with industry stalwarts Cherry Red Records to distribute the album throughout all territories.

Bassist Ian Heddle reveals

“.. we are really pleased to have the opportunity to release ‘Court of Conscience’ into the world market. Whilst the digital age has broken down borders and albums can be purchased via download, some people still like to own physical copies. The previous release (Echoes of Betrayal) was only distributed throughout the UK and we would often get messages from fans around the globe asking us to send stuff here, there and everywhere! Thankfully, we now have access to Cherry Reds’ resources and can actually get the real thing into your favourite store …. wherever you are!”